Halloween workshop CCS

Somewhere in northern Michigan, along the 115 Freeway to Caddilac.

Halloween Workshop
College for Creative Studies (CCS), Detroit MI, October 15 – 16, 2010.

As a Dutch guy, I wasn’t exactely raised celebrating Halloween. Never cut a pumpkin in my life. By doing a workshop arund pumpkins and graphic design, I thought to combine business with pleasure…

The workshop was taking place in CCS’ Design Department’s new campus, a newly renovated industrial building downtown Detroit. All participating students were asked to bring 2 or 3 abstracted graphic symbols that had a direct connection to their ‘Motor City’ environment (and not too complicated to carve). Plus 2 pumpkins and all the right tools of course.

Some students were really experienced and skillfull, but as a first time carver, I thought it was pretty hard to do it right.

In addition to cheap ready to use carving kits, we really needed some serious kitches utensils to get out all the mush.

Detroit Tigers (baseball) logo, nightly Detroit skyline

All pumpkins were lit by a candle, and photographed in a dark space. After that, the pictures were changed into black and white, thus creating a pool of images that everybody could draw from for their own posterdesign.

Organised by Doug Kisor.

Participating students:


October 18th, 2010
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