Ogensnoep – 1/3 – Sources

Drawing by Roxy.

Ogensnoep (Eyecandy).
Artwork for 24 Electric utility boxes (size XL-S) throughout the Klarendal neighbourhood, Arnhem. Project by Stichting Plaatsmaken, commissioned by the City of Arnhem.

Electric utility boxes through the city, covered with algae, dirt and grafitti, screaming for a makeover… To me, it seemed to be a good idea to connect to people in the neighbourhood, but how? Then I recalled Korean still live paintings full of modern objects I had seen a few years back in Hamburg…

Chaekgeori screen by Yi Eungrok, 1864-1872. Image courtesy Wikipedia.

Source: In Korea chaekgeori (“books and things”) represent painted arrangements of books, small treasures and other objects. Its origin lies in the Chinese court tradition of collecting objects like the scriptures of Confucius, scrolls decorated with calligraphy and other objects of value.

KIM Nam-Kyoung, The Pink Library of Choson, 2021. Shown spring 2023 at Welt Museum Wien, during ‘Our selves Our selves‘, an exhibition on chaekgeori. Image courtesy Welt Museum Wien.

Some motifs express positive wishes for happyness, wealth and abundance. From the end of the 19th century this tradition finds its way to common people, and becomes part of the Korean folkart.

Drawing by Jeroen.

Inspired by chaekgeori I asked children of group 5 at Basisschool Kunstrijk, a local school, to each draw ten of their most loved possessions inside their own room. This resulted in colourful images of what can be found in children’s rooms: toys, sportgear, cuddly toys, electronics, pets and game characters like Pokémon.

First sketches imagining a still life of various children room objects.

Source: The versatile IKEA Kallax shelf that can be found in many homes provided structure and functions as a connecting element between the different thematic boxdesigns.  Image courtesy IKEA.

Drawing by Louisiana.

Scale: In retrospect, for adults, the world looked bigger as a child. Depicting objects and animals at 100% would bring to much detail in relation to the street. 150-200% therefore seemed a workable scale.

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October 1st, 2023
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