Darling Starling

Title Darling Starling
Year 2023
Technique digital print
Size  W 50 x H 70 cm
Colours CMK
Imprint 100 signed & numbered

For sale at festival June 16-17-18, 2023. Afterwards through Pinkpop webshop.

Pinkpop is the oldest and most widely known festival in the Netherlands. The ‘artposter’ stands aside all publicity material, and was designed by Cor van Hees for 30 years, see this article. This year I’m the first ‘newbie’ designing the poster. Starting off with a still life of analogue and digital devices connected to listening and making music.

Source: Inspiration came from Sarah Tidwell’s foundling starling ‘The Mouth’ who’s an incredibly brilliant and sometimes outerworldly singer. Check out Sarah’s  YouTube channel and her Insta-feed Inkydragon. Videostills courtesy Sarah Tidwell.

Source: Fender Jazzmaster, first introduced in 1985 and still much used and sought after by guitarists all over the world. Never lost its cool. Image of this Shell Pink beauty courtesy Guitarguitar.uk.

Trying to integrate the line up for 3 festival days in a way that makes sense…

Made in close collaboration with vector wizzard and type animator Daniel Maarleveld, who designed the starry night background, all typography and did some critical colour tweaking.

See also Darling Starling A0.

June 16th, 2023
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