Séripentino, Imagemaking & screenprinting workshop in the opening week of the Biennale. May 22-26, Centre National du Graphisme (CNDG) Le Signe, Chaumont, France. Working from a snake theme where separate ‘bodyparts’ connect and can be combined, making larger shapes.

15 participants from various schools in Spain, France and the Netherlands: Joao Fischer Camelier, Claudia Campo Garcia, Rosalie Van ’t Hof, Niki Oude Vrielink, Lilia Noui-Mehidi, Yasmin Mensing, Femke Bosman, Anais Collignon, Charlotte Iacus, Olivia Dujardin, Eva Belessam, Silke Feenstra, Analia Reyes, Lou Marula, Josu Avila.

Merci beaucoup to Lea Ochoa for great assistance and Gauthier Platevoet for general support + filmoutput!! ❤️ to the entire Le Signe team!

May 30th, 2023
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