Light In Black Out

Reviewing results at the end of day 1. Photography by Gezeever.

Workshop at Gezeever Open Zeefdruk Werkplaats in Antwerp, March 4 & 5, 2020. Theme: working with greytones made from layering black, white and silver inks on white, black and grey paper.

Simultaneous pulling!!
Mixed ingredients for film exposure causing tremendous variety in print.

Participants: Veerle van Gassen, Karen Devriese, Hanne Holvoet, Greetje Lathouwers, Maarten Dillen, lennaert stam, Daan Janssens, Angele van Iersel, Birthe Janssens.

Many thanks to the wonderful Gezeever team: Els Baeten and Jasper van Grunsven.

March 15th, 2020
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