Modest Master – Poster

Title Modest Master
Year 2019
Size  A0 = 84 x 120 cm
Technique 2 colour screenprint (black, metallic gold) on 120 g/m2 Natronkraft paper
Edition 20 signed and numbered prints out of 30 total
Printing HL at Kees Maas zeefdruk

Made for the Modest Master’s Mesmerizing Screenprint Shop event, November 2, 2019,

Source: Our old black Unico inkpot lids reminded me of Mickey ears, Mickey Mouse – MM – Modest Master… it seemed like fun to try something in this direction… Image right original sketch, courtesy Walt Disney Studios.

Source: In the same period Mickey (1928) was created by Walt Disney, the Kit-Cat Klock (1932) was introduced by the California Clock Co.. Right: the original design cast from Bakelite or similar pre-plastic material. Left: the current plastic version of this design classic. Image courtesy California Clock Co.

Source: modern Art Deco style fonts inspired the same era. Left LHF (Letter heads Fonts) Gloria. Right: Plaza SH Regular (Scangraphic Digital Type Collection) through MyFonts.

Source: The same black circles can be found on another Jazz Age character, as the boobs of cute miss Betty Boop, who made her first appearance in 1930. Still from The Old Man of the Mountain cartoon, 1933.

Process: Sketches for a theatre scene.

Process detail: Using Kit-Cat faces as audience

Detail @ 100%.
The transparant gold stands out pleasantly well on top of the black.
Bonus: Betty and Mickey meeting on beautiful vintage 30ies ‘unauthorised’ Japanese postcards, stumbled upon on Pinterest during research.
November 4th, 2019
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