Tracing Boards Treasury

Installation view. Photography Andre Witkam.

Project for Richard Niessen’s Palace of Typographic Masonry, Department of Symbol

Title Tracing Board
Year 2019
Size  H 1000 x W 700 mm
Technique 3 colour (white, metallic silver, black) screenprint on black 270 grams/m2 Rainbow paper
Edition 20 signed and numbered prints
Printing HL at Kees Maas zeefdruk

“In the department of Symbols a space is dedicated to the symbolic language of Freemasonry: the ‘Tracing Board Treasury’. This space is added to the imaginary structure of the Palace by Richard Niessen who asked Harmen Liemburg and Nejc Prah to collaborate. This led to a game-like construction in which a drawing board can be composed of 18 different symbols of Freemasonry, an exploration in paper and ink of the graphic possibilities of these symbols and a tableaux representing the Masonic universe.”

Source: Famous freemasons George Washington (left) and Theodore Roosevelt (right) in full regalia. From: W. Kirk MacNulty: Freemasony, 2006.

Source: Freemason symbols. From: Richard Niessen, The Palace of Typographic Masonry – A guided Tour by Dirk van Weelden, 2018.

Process: Choosing tools and symbols used at the masonic temple.

Source: Paths and relationships between them used in American lodges using incredible titles that immediately triggered my imagination! From: W. Kirk MacNulty: Freemasony, 2006.

Source: ‘The freemason shaped by the materials used by his lodge’. From: W. Kirk MacNulty: Freemasony, 2006.

Process: Creating figures out of individual symbols.

Source: Historical Game of the Goose board.

Adressing freemasonry, Paul Renners‘s original ‘true geometric’ design for Futura (with text figures!) seemed a most appropriate choice. Additional info:

Final print, detail.

Black and white A0 version.

October 4th, 2019
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