Flyways – 2/3 – realization

Watch timelapse of making the floor (middle section) by photographer Gé Dubbelman.

Title Flyways
Project Design for subway station platform
Client Gemeente Amsterdam, Dienst Metro en Tram
Location NoordZuidlijn, station Noord, Amsterdam
Size L 130 x W 13 meters
Technique Inlay of ceramic tiles cut by aquajet

The floor is an inlay of white and grey ceramic tiles cut by aquajet.

Middle section.

Dandelion and Black-tailed Godwit chick (detail).

Utmost concentration is required from the tilers.

Western Barn Owl (detail) before adding.

Mutsaerts tilers crew. All tiles are in position after almost a month of hard and focused labour!

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April 19th, 2018
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