Typ to TtYtP at Moti Hotel

Moti Hotel
Exhibition September 28, 2013 – June 1, 2014

Showing a selection of legendary TYP magazine issues at Moti Hotel, a groupshow where various designers present objects from Moti’s collection.

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TYP/Typografisch Papier appeared from 1986 in various formats, both analogue and digital. TtYpP, as it is called now, published critical texts on design, typography, art and literature. For a new generation of designers with a strong Do-It-Yourself mentality, the magazine was used as a medium to provoke, and show an unbridled urge to create.

TYP, Typografisch Papier 1, original 1986 issue by Max Kisman, cover.

Left: “Letter-lijk” (Dutch for ‘literally’), ‘dead’ typography by established typedesigners visualized as a coffin. Right: “Typographic Paper – The letter is Alive”.

TYP, Typografisch Papier 1, original 1986 issue by Max Kisman, spread.

Left: “Modern Art through PTT”, advertisement for Enschedese School, a collective of artists who got their education at AKI (Academie voor Kunst en Industrie) Enschede, that my collegue Kees Maas was part of. This group was aiming for democratic art that could be ordered through regular mail. Right: “Power: the lower cases of today will be the KAPITALS of tomorrow”.

Spread from TYP, Typografisch Papier E, 1989. Boldly making fun of designers of name and fame that were dominating the scene: Wack, Bad, Weak, Rotten, Fake, Rubbish, etc.

TYP’s bold enthousiasm and rough tactile DIY issues (often partly or entirely screenprinted by Kees Maas) that changed shape all the time, inspired me very much as a design student. Along with my interest in the graphic output of original TYP initiator Max Kisman at the time, TYP is one of the influences that encouraged me to follow my current course.

Building a mini TYP exhibition at MOTI: screenprinted wallpaper as a background wheat-pasted by Corinne.

Curating and design of Moti Hotel exhibition by Designpolitie.

Inside the ‘hotel room’, showing a selection of TYP issues.

At the opening.

TtYpP interview (in Dutch) with Max Kisman and Peter Mertens, DZone Magazine 2012.
Interview with Max Kisman (in Dutch), DZone Magazine 2012.

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September 22nd, 2013
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