Kieler Woche 2014 – Proposal

Proposal for A1 poster 1/2.

Project Kieler Woche 2014 Corporate Identity Design Contest
Client Landeshauptstadt Kiel

Proposal for A1 poster 2/2.

Cover and spread from Kieler Woche – History of a Design Contest (Lars Müller Publishers 2010), edited by 2013 winners Jens Müller and Karen Weiland.

It’s not easy to add something new to a 50 year tradition: sails, waves, flags… Everything seems to have been beautifully done already by the crème de la crème of international graphic designers.

This year, the Kieler Woche design contest was won by the Bavarian brothers Martin and Thomas Poschauko, widely known for their wonderful book Nea Machina.

Proposal for various types of inevitable event merchandise.

In my proposal, added to the obligatory use of Univers, I tried to work with transparency, layering, technical instructions on sailing, ánd the language of comics… But what could work nicely in a poster, may be a bit too ambitious for the streets…

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September 4th, 2013
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