Sikkens Prize 2012 – 1/2 – Process

Dutch paint retailshop in the sixties. Image courtesy Sikkens Experience Center.

The Sikkens Prize is awarded by the Sikkens Foundation, initiated by a high quality Dutch brand of industrial paints, which is part of AkzoNobel.

One of the major brands for the consumer market is Flexa. Especially in the seventies, Paintshops were exuberantly decorated with brightly coloured displaymaterial.

Some of this historical advertising material can be found at the archive of the Sikkens Experience Center (SEC) in Sassenheim, directed by Ernestine van Herweden (left).

Nicely screenprinted 3D store decorations.

Source: Part of the historic collection of paint cans and can labels.

Source: various color theory books.

From Harald K├╝ppers: Die Farbenlehre der Fernseh-, Foto- und Drucktechnik, DuMont 1985.

Source: 3D colour space models. From Frans Gerritzen: Het fenomeen kleur, Cantecleer 1975.

The actual Sikkens Prize trophy is shaped as a glass prism.

Inspiration: Rainbow stamps from Australia and Holland (Jan Boterman, 1973). Image left courtesy Shutterstock.

Inspiration: Alexandra Metal Clown rainbowmania pop-outfits.

Source: The colors of the sky and our atmosphere. From Ueli Seiler-Hugova, Kleuren: zien beleven begrijpen, Christofoor 2007.

Source: Peace-dove, courtesy Elmar Haneveld.

Source: Suns and sunbeams abstracted and acting as logos.

Source: lavalamps provided shapes for the textballoons.

Source: The Polyphonic Spree. I couldn’t draw a better winding curve myself, so I borrowed theirs (that was originally cut from coloured paper if I’m correct), with many thanks!

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November 1st, 2012
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