200 grams

Title 200 Grams
Year 2012
Size H 70 x W 50 cm
Technique 8 colour screenprint on 300 grams/m2 Hahnemüller
Edition 12

Custom made print (detail) as a present (to be raffled off) for Oomen architecten clients.

Start: Oomen’s seasonal greetings (offset print, designed by Coppens Alberts) with first sketches for ‘food towers’.

Not the tallest in the world anymore, but one of the most beautiful: Tapei 101. Image courtesy Skyscraper page.

The shape of Taipei 101 reminds me of the classic Chinese take-out boxes you’ll get in New York…

Cute and ‘the most sexy item on the menu’  Take Me Out dress (with fortune cookie headband, thank you) courtesy Yandi.

Source: ‘Here Comes The Food’, Nissin demae instant noodle soup.

Inspiration: elegantly arranged oseibo, the traditional Japanese wintergift (left), and seasonal office decoration, both seen in Tokyo a few years ago.

Sketches 1.

Source: packaging for kesuri bushi, dried bonito flakes (left), and kombu, dried seaweed for Japanese dashi bouillon (right).

Sketches 2.

Source: Kewpie mayonnaise, in a soft plastic bottle that feels like a fat baby arm when squeezed, Kikkoman soy sauce ready to serve bottle.

Sketches 3.

Source: Sushi Bar pattern, by Robert Kaufmann Fabrics.

Source: canned baby octopus, from the World of Japanese can labels.

Working sheets.

Source: Ho Sien-Kou, The Fair Lady Ho (a water goddess?) from Henri Dore (Jesuit priest): Recherches sur les Superstitions en Chine, a 1918 study of the Chinese pantheon by the Catholic Mission in China (library RMV Leiden).

Creating 8 separations is making things very complicated!

Printing 3 split fountains (greens to greens) on top of each other, plus additional mayonnaise colour and lilac: 3 more printruns to go…

See also: Seaweed Mayo Business

January 3rd, 2012
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