Seaweed Mayo Business

Title Seaweed Mayo
Year 2012
Size Uncut printing sheet H 70 x W 50 cm
Technique 4 colour screenprint on 300 grams/m2 Hahnemüller
Edition 20 sheets to be cut in cards of various sizes

Remake of 200 Grams, a print previously made for Oomen architecten, split up (on the right) to illustrate the stages of the printing process at GRA screenprinting shop.

Colorseparations and lunch.

Halfway: 3 split fountain prints in greens crossing each other + mayonaise color (opaque white 100 with a tiny bit of sunflower yellow 210).

Backside with ‘business cards’ and other stationary to be printed in red.

Random cuts make for strange compositions…

See also: 200 Grams

April 7th, 2012
, Posted in Printing