GRAPHIC Magazine #15 – Printing journal

Contribution to GRAPHIC #15 – Printing Journal (Fall 2010).
Text & Design Harmen Liemburg

Cover & party invitation courtesy GRAPHIC

GRAPHIC is a quarterly magazine published in Seoul, Korea. It focuses its attention on trends in graphic design that are different from the mainstream. It has a characteristic of in-depth approach, exploring one theme per issue.

This ‘Printing’ issue reviews contemporary printing culture from the viewpoint of graphic design. GRAPHIC visited four noteworthy printers in The Netherlands each of whom represent the current culture in printing, Extrapool (Knust), Wyber Zeefdruk, Calff & Meischke Drukkerij and Veenman Drukkers.

They also visited the studio of Karel Martens who is well known for having fully-embraced printing into his design process.

Graphic designers such as Hans Gremmen, The Uses of Literacy and me were invited to show our own printing works. Included also is a discussion on printing with Kees Maas, Richard Niessen and Na Kim.

My contribution to this GRAPHIC #15 is a 16 page booklet about my working process and environment.

Dustjacket turns out to be a poster!

GRAPHIC is designed by the wonderful Na Kim, a former student of Werkplaats Typografie, currently working and living in Amsterdam.

The Pdf (5,5 Mb) with all 16 pages can be DOWNLOADED here:
GRAPHIC magazine #15 HL

September 22nd, 2010
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