You Tell Me Summer’s Here

Title You Tell Me Summer’s Here
Client We Are Plus
Year 2006
Size 12 x 12 inches (3 slipmats and sleeve)
Technique Polyesther felt, glue, sewing

A Nice Set is a touring exhibition of sets of slip mats by 33 1/3 artists & a book. Curated by We Are Plus, concept in collaboration with the reed space & published by IdN.

Classic tool: Technics SL 1200. Arctic view from space by Armap.

When two emply felt DJ slipmats were delivered, I couldn’t help associate their form and function (white, rotating disks with a hole in the middle) with our earth and it’s melting polar caps.

No screenprinting this time, but scissors and a sewing machine (thanks Molly Sherman).

As an effect of climate change, you can expect whales anywhere these days, exept where they should be…

Made during a 2 month artist-in-residency at Minnepolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), summer 2006.

August 15th, 2006
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