KiKiRiKi Tous les Soirs – 2/6 – Environment

Historical Salle du Conseil (City Council room), venue for my installation in the Chaumont city center.

KiKiRiKi Tous les Soirs

A graphic environment based on posters from the Dutailly Collection, the historical fundament of the annual International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont, May 21 – June 26, 2005
In collaboration with Etienne Bernard (curator)

Kitagawa Utamaro, A maid of the Matsu Higashiya, 1796 (From De courtisane & de acteur, Hotei Publishing, 1985). Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Evening Gathering, 1843/46 (From Siegfried Wichmann, Japonisme – The influence on Western art since 1858, Thames & Hudson, 1999).

Faithful to the spirit of the Fin de Siecle (see KiKiRiKi Background), I was looking for instruments to effectively transform this higly decorated space. In line with the influence of Japanese art, I turned to the use of shadow and traditional architecture in ukiyo-e for inspiration.

Elegant and simple solutions in traditional Japanese interior design.


Plans for a conifer-like object that would be covered with printed ‘leaves’.

May 7th, 2005
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