Liemburg and Niessen: A Joint Expedition

Photography Corriette Schoenaerts.

About the collaboration between Richard Niessen, Jennifer Tee & Harmen Liemburg.
Text Nadette de Visser for Amsterdam Index 2006 (A shortcut to creative Amsterdam).

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Amsterdam Index 06

In the language of form that is graphic design, Harmen Liemburg en Richard Niessen have developed their own dictionary. This Amsterdam based duo, in collaboration, was previously known as Golden Masters. Meandering through styles, colors, texture and shape, Liemburg and Niessen create design that borders with and crosses over to art. It is a playful world this illustrious duo live in, one that curls and winds and consists of windows to different spaces and places.

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December 1st, 2005
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An Excessive Interest in Printed Matter

Golden Masters: An excessive interest in printed matter
Text Ewan Lentjes in Items magazine 5/2001

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October 1st, 2001
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