15 colours 10 people 5 tables 1 day

Colour Overprinting Workshop at Open Screenprinting Studio Gezeever, Antwerp, March 2, 2024.

After an intense and fun day of Super Systematic Printing, all went home with a useful and inspiring 108 pages Colour Reference Book.

We selected 15 colours that are often used in the shop.

Each page shows the overprinting of two colours, both ways, with very different results.

Sico AS Aquaset colours were used.

The books are not for sale… Please contact me if you’d like to print your own book during a new session.

Participants: Marie Ceulemans, Caroline de Meyer, Benjamin de Moor, Johan Kongs, Kevin Moens , Fien van Asch, Sofie van den Bril, Veerle van Gassen , Ellen Verbiest , Anna Wallays.

March 5th, 2024
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