IABR Variations

A is for Architecture. IABR (International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam) logo components and variations. Photographed using bicyclelights, tentpoles plus other objects and materials.

IABR’s new logo and corporate identity was designed by Richard Niessen and Our Polite Society, introduced October 2023.

“At the heart of the design is a frame in which the ‘A’ of ‘architecture’ functions both as an identifier for the IABR and as an abstract symbol for new values, referencing an archetypal form of shelter, the tent, or the easel upon which the other can work.”

“Whatever the interpretation, the logo is a unifying element that allows different voices to be part of a larger whole.”

Other components by Meeuwsontwerpt and Esther de Vries. Thanks to Rob Sweere for letting me browse his atelier!

December 24th, 2023
, Posted in Illustration