Merz Depth

Depth. Screenprinting Projectweek at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, December 5-9, 2022.

Initiated by  Joost Bottema. Many thanks to: Lars Lenhardt (Siebdruck Werkstattleiter); Marcus Haffner (Printlab Werkstattleiter); Joachim Herter (Former Siebdruck Werkstatteiter); Erasmus+ (Financial support).

Is it worth it in an educational environment?

Although there’s still a large amount of the technically fantastic highly pigmented Marabu colours in store, we decided to switch to waterbased inks because of the solvents. More healthy and pleasant for students and staff.

Sebek Inks from Belgium has a fairly standard color chart (Sebastar 103 series) for a waterbased ink brand. Compared to solvent based products, you just have to be more creative adjusting the standard colours yourself. And all colours dry matted. But that you can fix using waterbased gloss!

Cutting and rilling sheets. Dividing and compiling booklets. Folding covers.

Almost done…

Participating Students: Margot Beekelaar, Leonie Buchner, Annalena Ceskutti, Nele David, Cindy Feigi, Elias Heemann, Angela Kocksch, Alexandra Müller, Felix Remmen, Christina Rollny, Krishi Sonthalia, Joaquin Veintimilla Prado, Jacqueline Wakolbin and Marta Obukhova.

December 12th, 2022
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