Fabric printing at EKA

T is for Tallinn. Siiditrük (screenprinting) project week at Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) Tallinn, October 24-28, 2022. Ten students, mostly new to the technique, filling a 170 x 750 cm canvas together as a team.

Handmade DIY screens with wooden frames.

Manukian Textillac (Italy) pigments for transparent and opaque colours. AquaTex C for fluos and black.

After a brief introduction to the technique and a day of fooling around on t-shirts and other stuff, the group started to fill the table (1,7 x 7,5 meter) with patterns and other components.

Frank Abner, one of the assitants for the project, working hard in the background.

Without proper registration (no rail and working with relatively small screens) improvisation and freestyling was a key factor.

Thank you Anneli Kruusberg at the Fashion Design department for sewing!

After 2,5 days, time was up. The ‘scroll’ was presented for everbody to see at EKA’s central staircase.

Participating students: Baptiste Amsaleg, Ina Clara Kaller, Augusta Orlauskaitė, Jelizaveta Bogatšenkova, Airis Köhler, Marianne Lapin, Grethen Torm, Leon Fritz, Lucia Augé, Juliette Courtois.

Technical assistant: Juulia Mikson and Frank Abner. Workshop manager: Eelike Virve.

Organisation: Piret Valk (head Textile Design), Else Lagerspetz and Katrin Sütt. Supported by Erasmus+ Mobility Fund.

November 2nd, 2022
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