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Imagemaking/Screenprinting projectweek with 21 students of Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche (ISIA) Urbino, May 10-13, 2022.

Initiated by and in close collaboration with Danny Kreeft.

Italian Style: studying in a former monastery at the foot of a mountain. Massive walls and arches define the building, laptopping outside in the garden… (Photography Danny Kreeft).

Very nice to have Edoardo Fanelli, ISIA’s screenprinting technician, on board. He and his half automated table cranked out one design after the other in no time!

Printing with a mixture of Midrol base, Eptaink fluos (Manoukian ink system, Italy) and Sebastar (Belgium) waterbased inks, which worked out nicely (Photography Danny Kreeft).

After covering the sheets with the first layer, a continuous process of collecting, selecting and redividing the various colours for new layers starts… (Photography Danny Kreeft).

Participating students: Greta Rolando, Daniele Pala, Lucia Zaccagnini, Elizabeth Bloom, Francesca Ribuoli, Maria Tortorella, Floyd Mustafa, Caterina Stellini, Pierfrancesco Manfrin, Maria Elena Gori, Francesco Orlando, Luisa Baicco, Margherita Gori, Ginevra Polchri, Filippo Anceschi, Martina Andalò, Anna Angonese, Elvira De Cristoforo, Sofia Bernasconi, Edoardo Folli & Miriam Sannino.

Technical support: Edoardo Fanelli (Screenprinting lab supervisor ), Belén Bru (behind the screen) & Roberto Hajdari (student assistants), and Stefano Veschi (Digital printing lab supervisor). Organisation support: Greta Rolando, Elizabetta Laviano (students) & Prof. Cecilia Giampaoli.

May 17th, 2022
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