Rams & Bears – Virtual sgraffito

South view of Somalgors74 project space, Tschlin, canton of Graubünden, Switzerland.

Title Rams & Bears
Year 2019
Technique  Virtual sgraffito to be viewed on location through smart phone or tablet
Programming Jan Robert Leegte

Alpine project space Somalgors74  developed an application that allows the experience of virtual sgraffito, aiming to give this visual tradition a new impuls.

I didn’t see many bears up at the alp, but there are sure plenty of rams!

After a visit to Tschlin summer 2018, the first design – in what is going to be an ongoing series bij various artists and designers – was made by me this spring.

Source: Municipal and cantonal coat of arms blending nicely, village of Ardez.

East side, full view.

By applying a QR Code (visible in the background) as traditional sgraffito applied to the plaster, for the first time the sgraffiti is also becoming a digital portal. Jan Robert Leegte (programming) and Curdin Tones (concept and organisation) developed and tested a working template for digital designs.

Sgraffito still being very much alive in the Engadin. Nice example of modern yet traditional motifs seen in Val Müstair, close to the Swiss National Park.

Full design, mixing elements from municipal and cantonal coats of arms with the language of traffic signs and commercial logos.

South side, full view.

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July 16th, 2019
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