(In)discernible (Ir)regularities


My first ‘Magical’ Riso print ever, based on photographs taken earlier this year at InkstStation. Tastes like more!

Title (In)discernible (Ir)regularities, contribution to publication
Year 2016
Organized by Suzanne Caerteling @ Knust Press
Technique Riso print
Size 10 A2 riso prints folded to 20 cm x 14 cm
Printing Knust Press
Edition 300
Binding Swiss binding by handboekbinderij Geertsen

Spread folding out

Contributions by: Bob Waardenburg, Janneke Kors, Pinar & Viola, Koos Breen, Hansje van Halem, Wouter Venema, Harmen Liemburg, Michiel Schuurman, Rogier Arents, and Homa Delvaray.

Available at Knust Shop.

October 30th, 2016
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