Sheriff & Punch

Logo design for Sheriff & Punch traditional leather goods by Ada Garvelink.

July 9th, 2013
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Rietveld Academie Final Exam Show

Design Nora Turato and Nerijus Rimkus, 3rd year students at Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graphic Design Department.

Screenprinted at Kees Maas Zeefdruk, Amsterdam

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July 3rd, 2013
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Joker Billboard

Billboard design by Luca ‘Charli’ Carboni.
Screenprinted at Gerrit Rietveld Academie shop for screenprinting on paper.

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June 12th, 2013
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The Snake

Just gave a helping hand to Design & Other, a creative partnership between Melbourne-based designers Cameron Lofthouse and Monica Placella, doing their first A0 print. Way to go!

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June 11th, 2013
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Rietveld Fashion

Voila! Gabrielle showing the Rietveld Fashion Show Poster

Poster design by graphic design students Gabrielle Pauty and Edwin Bonnaffe, who also did a series of promotion videos and the fashion show’s newspaper.

Screenprinted in opaque white plus reflective ink on black Butterfly 250 grams at Gerrit Rietveld Academie shop for screenprinting on paper.

June 7th, 2013
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Horror Vacui

Components for a 2 colour poster made during a one-day-printing-workshop with a group of graphic design students from Boston University at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie screenprinting shop for paper.

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June 4th, 2013
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Silver Prize for Sunbeams

Silver Prize for Sunbeams at the Chaumont International Poster and Graphic Design Festival International Competition 2013

See also Sikkens Prize 2012 – Screenprints

June 1st, 2013
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Proposal for Noord/Zuidlijn Selected

Working title: Vogelperspectief/Bird’s Eye View
Applied art on platform of Station Noord, NoordZuidlijn Amsterdam (proposal)

Client: Gemeente Amsterdam, Dienst Metro
Project coordinator: VĂ©ronique Baar, QKunst

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May 16th, 2013
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Ted van de Ven, La Famille, 1952.

The fifth of a series of short texts on design objects written for Maharam. Text Harmen Liemburg.

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April 17th, 2013
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Point of Interest Billboard

From Amsterdam to Valencia with love: a poster for Ed Fella‘s final lecture at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), April 15, 2013.

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April 15th, 2013
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