To California 5 – 1/2 – Sources & Process

Title To California 5
Project Print-Installation inside private home
Client Tip Kuipers
Size 200+ unique A2 (594 x 841 mm) prints
Material Screenprint on 2,5 mm cardboard

Source: Brehms Tierleben, Allgemeine Runde des Tierreichs, Vögel – Zweiter Band, 1891. From Naturalis Biodiversity Center library.

Source: J.F. Gleditsch: Ornithologisches Taschenbuch von und für Deutschland, 1812. From Naturalis Biodiversity Center library.

Source: Otto Wilhelm Thomé: Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, 1885. A classic and beautifully illustrated guidebook that is still used by many. From Kurt Stueber’s (Max Planck Institut für Pflanzenzüchtungsforschung, Köln
) BioLib.

Source: On the road in California, fall 2012 (OMG, there’s beauty in signs!).

Source: On the road in Utah, Native American children getting off the bus in the middle of the desert near Monument Valley NP, fall 2012.

Process: graphic reproductions of plane-tree bark patterns altered by hand in preparation for screen exposure.

Process: organising inks in order to speed up production.

Process: Each A0 cardboard plate holds 4 double sided A2 components arranged along central axis for optimal flexibility.

30 plates x 4 A2 shapes x 2 sides = potentially 240 unique images in total…

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August 30th, 2013
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