Point of Interest – Process

Title Point of Interest
Year 2013
Size H 1189 x W 841 mm
Technique 1 colour screenprint on 120 grams/m2 Natronkraft paper
Edition 20 signed and numbered prints out of 40 prints total

Detail @ 100%

Ed Fella‘s final lecture at CalArts… Can you imagine the man ever to stop?

When asked to do a poster announcing his farewell party, without a doubt, I knew I wanted to work with something we both love: driving through America…

Source: Signs from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) instruction manual (left), and a 1956 roadmap from Jon Roma’s roadmap collection.

Source: If ‘Exit Level designer’ Ed Fella (as he calls himself) is the ‘skunk of graphic design’ (my interpretation), it seems appropriate to use details from a student drawing (artist unknown) I photographed during a previous visit to CalArts in 2006…

Source: Javelina, ‘skunk pig’ or peccary, shaped after Mobil Oil’s classic pegasus logo. Photographed in New Mexico, 2009.

Source: Ed fella’s trusted Bic 4-Colour® ballpoint pen…

… put to use inside his ongoing sketchbooks.

Source: Doesn’t Woodsy Owl, the US Forest Service mascotte promoting outdoors cleanliness, look a bit like Ed?

One of Ed Fella’s After The Event Flyers proving a rich layer of content, plus unsurpassed grainy texture…

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April 10th, 2013
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