Garbage In, Garbage Out

Title Garbage In, Garbage Out (Graphic Design Worlds – Print 3/5)
Year 2011
Size H 1189 x W 841 mm
Technique 4 colour screenprint on 120 grams/m2 Natronkraft paper
Edition 20 signed and numbered prints out of 50 prints total

The fluo colours are hard to reproduce. Be in print they sure look awesome!

Cute pukin’ detail at 100%.
Oh well. You shouldn’t eat potato chips all the time anyway!

One out of five prints for Graphic Design Worlds, an exhibition about diversity in the current world of graphic design at the Triennale di Milano, the largest design museum in Italy.

Since I discovered Utz, a snack brand from Hanover, PA, during my internship in New York in 1997, I’m a fan of their tasty products. I’m not alone in liking their mascotte, the Utz Girl… Please Google image to see what I mean.

In their packaging design, it’s always the same drawing, but – like Hewy Dewy & Lewy – the colours of Utz Girl’s ribbon and t-shirt changes with the flavour.

The paintbrush strokes are taken from a snack product called Miss Palomito (left), made by a Spanish/South American (?) company named Churruca. But wait a minute! This is Peko Chan (right), one of Fujiya‘s ( Japan’s largest candy manufacturer) major characters! It’s unclear to me if this is a case of rare licencing or brute plagiarism…


Checking color separations.

By the way, Garbage In, Garbage Out is a well known phrase from the world of computer science or information- and communication technology. It also applies to human beings, as a famous surfer once put it. If you eat junk all the time, your body will look and perform accordingly.

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January 7th, 2011
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