AGA A0 Masterclass

Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (AGA) is an open studio in the heart of Amsterdam, where artists and designers can create their own work in various graphic techniques like intaglio, lithography, letterpress and screenprinting.

Spring 2011 AGA and me organised a masterclass to promote their large size screenprinting facilities for paper. We invited 6 graphic designers and/or illustrators who’s work links digital with analogue graphic techniques.

Some of them, like Leendert Masselink, were already familiar with screenprinting at small sizes, but were now challenged to work with considerably more demanding A0 (84 x 120 cm) tools.

All participants were asked to sumbit a new design, making use of the (im)possibilities of this particular process. Each one was one allowed to use 4 printruns/ colours.

Graphic designer Michiel Schuurman already printed his posters at AGA. For this project he tried to raise the bar, and set a new technical standard for this work in terms of complexity and precision.

Going beyond the limits of a 120T screen. Detail at 100%, a mixture of 3 layers from 3 different prints.

Zsuzsanna Ilijin weaving transparent inks that create a powerful overprinting colour.

Zeloot (Eline van Dam), a super talented printartist who is the queen of the underground gig poster scene (and one of my contemporary heroes), used papercuts and handdrawn elements to create her separations.

Inbetween printruns, sheets of various stages were saved, and overprinted with our slogan for AGA’s presentation at the annual Kunstvlaai artfair: DEDICATED TO PRINT.

Adhering the prints to the wall with wheatpaste, proved to be a fast solution to customise our booth at the Gashouder at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

This project was organised by Christina Hallström for AGA and me. Participants: Zeloot, Zsuzsanna Ilijin, Leendert Masselink, Michiel Schuurman, Karl Nawrot and Paul Faassen.

See also Dedicated To Print poster.

May 15th, 2010
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