Ultralight – Box Construction

Ultralight is a Selfcontained Show-In-A-Box, containing prints, lights and other components. Easy and flexible to curate. Can be installed by students as a schoolproject.

Carries over 45 large screenprints and smaller printed objects, 8 process books mounted on foldable tables, visual instructions for construction and shipping, and DVD for projection. The shipping crate doubles as light table, display case and poster. Everything you need is in there.

For me it’s a complicated puzzle, but for Walter and Albert at Gerlach (today called John Nurminen Prima Group Packing, a professional shipping company that handles international art shipping for the Stedelijk Museum and many others), it’s just a funny little job.

The poster’s grid corresponds with the layout of the shipping crate, mixing the languages of common pictograms with 17th century maps (below left: Straat Sunda, Lucas J. Waghenear, 1602, taken from Sjoerd de Meer, Het Zeekaarten boek)

I’ve been wanting to use Roelof Mulder’s FF Offline (designed for FontShop 1998), a stencil font based on type found on ships and containers for year, because it’s one of the best in it’s kind.

Painting the box and getting ready to go at UPS CSC, Schiphol Airport.

The European version of Ultralight, is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum fuer Gestaltung (MfGZ) in Zuerich.

January 15th, 2009
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