Cuckoo – 2/2 – Realization

Façade seen from the inside (detail): two printed glass panes with additional images and some space inbetween create a dynamic watery impression.

Title Cuckoo
Project Art for Fletiomare swimmingpool
Client Gemeente Utrecht
Year 2007 – 2009
Technique Screenprint on glass panels, transfers on ceramic titles, screenprint on foil
Architect Slangen & Koenis
Advisor Theo Tegelaers

Industrial screenprint on glass, testing positioning and the interaction between the positive (opaque white) and the negative (frosted matted ink) images overlapping.


Depending on viewing position and light circumstances (space between two plates, possibility of shadow in between during daytime), while moving past the glass façade, one can only ‘read’ one part of the entire drawing at the time.

Outside view, positive print in opaque white dominating

Inside details, negative print in frosted matted ink (ätzton) dominating.

Inside details, negative print in frosted matted ink (ätzton) dominating

Some images were baked onto ceramic tiles using inkjet transfer sheets. All tiles were processed one by one by ceramic specialist Norman Trapman (middle) and his wife Florentien.

Visitors in one of the group-dressingrooms during Rijnenburg festival, September 9, 2009. Photography courtesy Merijn van der Vliet

Screenprinted patterns on indoor façade, screenprinted details enlarged on sunblocking curtains. Pool images courtesy Koppert + Koenis

Children’s pool with mixed colour mosaic tiles. Pool images courtesy Koppert + Koenis

Lettering in steel and green neon outside.

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January 6th, 2009
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