Crispy Cloud Combini – 3/6 – Process & Installation

Crispy Cloud Kombini
Installation for SieboldHouse, Leiden, February 23 – June 17, 2007

My harvest of Japanese snacks and candy from Nagasaki supermarkets was shipped to Amsterdam in 6 boxes by the excellent Japanese Mailservice. Shopping was the easy part. Now, with less than two months to go before the opening date, I had to figure out what to DO with this packaging material.

What I had in mind for the SieboldHouse gallery, was to create an environment inspired by the joyous atmosphere of a Japanese supermarket or combini (Japlish for convenience store).

Most design related decisions were made on the fly while improvising, looking for the potential of the various materials, and going with the flow of things.

Inspired by mon, the traditional Japanese emblems or crests, part of the photographic images of the candy, was taken apart to create new shapes with.

Through shifting and rotating the cardstock sheets while printing, many different variations were produced.

Construction team with family (Harry, my father, and Annalies, my sister) and friends (Jozee, Curdin, Joost) sweating it to get things done in the gallery space.

Kees Maas playing with positive and negative elements on black paper that were to be sewn together.

Mupi-size posters, screenprinted by Paul Wyber according to a multiple CMY-fluo colour scheme.

The posters literally bring the show out to the streets of Leiden.

Utilizing part of the screenprints as raw material. By overprinting, cutting and taking the prints apart, the material could be rearranged and made dimensional.

UV drying screenprint (21+ l/cm halftone!) overprinted with waterbased ink.
Detail at 100%

Creating a large bento-like structure that would fit inside the gallery’s standard display cases.

Overview 1

The beautiful tactile qualities of the actual Japanese candy.

Overview 2

January 3rd, 2007
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