Baby Stamp – Proposal 4/4

Title Baby Stamp – Proposal 4/4
Client TNT Post
Year 2005/6

After the Christmas break, I got a phone call. “Marketing still isn’t sure about the design… Could you make another proposal?”

You can imagine I was close to calling the whole thing off, being pissed off after doing so much work in a short period and all that, if it wasn’t for the prospect of having a new stamp on the market that was still alluring…

Something more organic, working with this cute bear from a supermarket’s door in Tiny Tokyo, a Japanese mall downtown L.A..

Cute and cuter.

The proposal was presented to the CEO…

… who spoke the words:
“Eh, did we discuss this project at all? Let’s just use the current stamp and change the rate.”

End of story.

January 15th, 2006
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