Baby Stamp – Proposal 1/4

Title Baby Stamp – Proposal 1/4
Client TNT Post
Year 2005/6

Geboortezegel or baby stamp designed by Ron van Roon in 1997

End of november 2005, TNT Post called. Due to the expected rate increase (from Euro 0,39 to 0,44) for stamps in 2006, they were planning to reprint some of the running stamp series. One of them is the ‘geboortezegel’, a stamp that is used by parents who send out a mailing announcing the birth of a baby.

They wanted to know if I would be able make a prososal before Christmas, which is extremely short. But I said yes, of course.

Classic illustratieve typographic logos by Herb Lubalin, and the most hybrid of all: Barbapappa can even take the shape of a letter!

I’ve always wanted to use the VAG ampersand, that looks like a baby already, so this was THE opportunity, I thought…

My client wasn’t sure about it. Doesn’t it look too much like the Zwitsal logo, they asked?

So I tried again, adding the popular TummyTub (which is supposed to make the baby feel comfortable, like being inside the mother’s womb).

Well, I thought it was hilarious and pretty cute, but the TNT Post communication people said ‘Forget it, this baby looks too alien’…

December 7th, 2005
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