Total Tee Transformer (TTT)

Title Total Tee Transformer (TTT), artist publication
Year 2001
Size 12 x 22,5 cm (folded)
Technique Multiple offset- + screenprinting
Author(s) Maxine Kopsa
Design Golden Masters
Published by Stedelijk Museum Het Domein
Edition 400
ISBN 90-8546-014-X

Jennifer Tee performing explosive shamanistic ritual.
Photography Johannes Schwartz.

While Jennifer Tee was in Brazil to prepare a new show in Museum Het Domein (Sittard, NL), Richard and me explored her atelier at the Rijksacademie Amsterdam. As true ‘archeologists’ we thoroughly documented the hundreds of object we came across.

First, we made an inventory of our findings about Jennifer. The material was then processed and transformed into 6 ‘maps’, each with their own theme. ┬áCombined they offer an overview of all her adventures and projects until that moment.

Unfolded fully, the object takes the shape of a huge ‘Tee’.

Exuberant printing galore.
Detail at 100%

November 15th, 2001
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