New Workspace 2001-2002

Title New Workspace
Year 2001
Design Golden Masters
Size A2
Technique 2 colour offset on glossy MC paper

Between fall 1998 and winter 2002, graphic designer Richard Niessen and me worked together under the moniker Golden Masters. First in a studio shared with Jolanda Huntelaar and Thomas Buxo (Ontwerp Kamer, or OK) in Amsterdam West, later in a basement at the Singel.

Photography Johannes Schwartz

Photography Kinya Hanada (Mumbleboy)

By 2001, our collaboration had intensified. We decided to move into Thonik’s former studio, a space close to the Amstel river that had been part of a garage (hence the ugly tiles), next to the Designpolitie.

Photography Johannes Schwartz

At the peak of our collaboration under the Golden Masters (or GM, or Equipe GM) flag, Items magazine published a portfolio article about our work.

Fall 2002 we split up. After having found our individual ways in life and work again, I’m happy to say we’re still (or again) good friends, as can be read in Amsterdam Index 2006.

The print was used as a mailer for clients, friends and relatives.

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June 1st, 2001
, Posted in Printing