Living Giving 1/5 – Process & Flyer

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Living Giving
Biƫnnale Gelderland is alternately being organised by Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen and Museum Arnhem. This year, Biƫnnale Gelderland is taking place in Arnhem. The museum has invited Hanne Hagenaars as curator. Theme: Living, Giving!

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Hanne’s concept is in (very) short to connect artists with residents of Arnhem, and have a show at various locations all over the Arnhem city centre.

My idea for a festive and playful design of all promotion materials was to use elements from a spot that can be found in every building, be it rich or poor, residential or business: everybody has a kitchen sink storage.

Printing through the efficient ‘keerplaten’ technique: front and back are placed on just one plate in order to save a another set.

A5 CMYK offset flyers, fresh from the box.

October 12th, 2016
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