portrait HL studio
Amsterdam studio 2015. Photography Jorrit ‘t Hoen.

Hello, my name is Harmen Liemburg, I’m an artist/designer currently based in Arnhem.

Graphic explorations
I’m trying to create powerful, colorful work, in which intuition and feeling play a significant role, and that cannot be unraveled at first glance. Although all the elements are chosen and placed deliberately, the viewer is invited to make his or her own interpretation.

Much of my graphic output is based on collage-techniques. Inspiration often comes from elements that already exist in the physical world.

In addition to a strong interest in graphic techniques, I feel a special fondness for the so called vernacular. I see beauty in everyday traffic signs, logos and packaging designs that most people just take for granted or maybe don’t even notice at all.

The visual buildingblocks that I’m constantly collecting, are often redrawn and adjusted for the screenprinting process. The separate elements are given a new role and meaning by combining them with others. Together, they’re telling a new story.

Beforehand, I never know where I’ll end up, but I trust that my research and working process will take me to an interesting place. Each project is a graphic adventure in itself, so I like to see myself as a ‘graphic explorer’.

And when the work is done, you can usually find me somewhere outside on a bike, in a kayak, or camping out in the wild…

January 1st, 2011
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