Show Your Bill

Outdoor advertising in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Seen while bicycle trekking.

Billboard for Sloggi, a popular brand for underwear. You should know that ‘billen’ is a Dutch word for bottom… ;)

It’s part of a long running series of advertisements in which the bottoms are bare and usually beautiful. This time the colours of the national teams in the World Championships (soccer) are used.

Picture right: EPA

An advertising board in Brussels, Belgium, displays the controversial ‘Tour de Sloggi’ poster, showing models wearing the colours of the jerseys of the Tour de France. The JEP (Jury Ethische Praktijken inzake reclame or Jury d’ethique Publicitaire) demanded that the posters be removed because of its potentially offensive or sexist nature.

I’m not sure if this series is really that offensive compaired to other campaigns, but I sure like those screenprinted dots!

Also, this is one of those rare logos where the type is a direct illustration of the product. Can’t help but liking it.

July 5th, 2010
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