Crispy Cloud Combini – 3/6 – Candy Close Up

Crispy Cloud Kombini
Installation for SieboldHouse, Leiden, February 23 – June 17, 2007

A lot of the products I gathered during a residency in Nagasaki, winter 2006, have this logo:

Meiji is one of the largest candy and snack brands in Japan. It’s part of Meiji Saika Kaisha, Ltd., a pharmaceutical company that also produces consumergoods.

The general supply of Japanese candy and snacks is overwhelming in it’s vastness and diversity. The (often quite weird) products and packaging are made with a lot of imagination and great care for detail. Meiji Co. produces a series of candy classics that have been in the shops for decades.

Bamboo Shoot Village, Takenoko No Sato (Chocolate Coated Bamboo Shoot Shaped Cookies).

Little Mountain Village, Kinoko No Yama (Dark Chocolate Coated Mushroom Shaped Cookies).

Meiji Milk Chocolate.

Banana Chocolate Candy.

Sushi Ya San Gummy, Little Sushi Shop. A similar Meiji product was reviewed in detail by seriouseats…

Mogi Mogi Fishing Gummy, Grape Gummy.

There’s plenty of blogs on Japanes candy out there, like, and people who like to scan the wrappers!

Some of the good Japanese stuff can be purchased from

January 2nd, 2007
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